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Purpose-Driven Investing

We specialize in investing with a purpose, while pursuing dependable outcomes for the individuals and families we serve.

We also provide uncommon attention to after-tax results.  Our clients are typically current or former business leaders, entrepreneurs and/or people who have experienced the death or divorce of a spouse.  They appreciate personal relationships, mutual trust, open communication and long-term commitment.  The people who choose us value entrepreneurial spirit, independent thinking and passion for excellence.

While new clients commonly count on us for a comprehensive strategy and entrust us with $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 of invested assets, we have larger portfolio experience.  However, we are more interested in a certain personality than a minimum portfolio size.  Because of our commitment to existing relationships, we are simply careful about adding new clients.

With no obligation, we invite you to ask us questions, explore how we work and experience our process.  We know our competition and how to serve you better.

Check us out.  We might just find a perfect fit.